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How important is it to you that the carpets and upholstered furnishings in your home be cleaned on the same day?

You have, in point of fact, arrived to the right site.

Ayra Carpet Cleaning is ready to earn your trust and become your first option for professional cleaning services in both home and business settings.

At AYRA Cleaning Services we provide carpet steam cleaning service in which evaporated water is used to clean your carpet. Steam cleaning is an eco-friendly yet efficient way to get rid of dirt and bacteria stuck in your carpet without causing any damage to the fabric of your carpet. In steam cleaning, a powerful air-flow wand releases steaming hot water at high pressure that cleans up 99% germs and stains

Our well-skilled and well-experienced experts at AYRA Cleaning Services will clean your mattresses using specific and unharmful chemicals of various types to deeply clean the mattress, removing stains or any kind of germs and allergies and leaving a freshly scented yet new look for your mattress.

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Our Upholstery cleaning service includes the cleaning of the fabric and padding that covers your furniture (e.g sofas, armchairs, stools, ottomans). Our experts can thoroughly deep clean the upholstery on all of your furniture, leaving it looking like new, smelling fresh and clean, and dry enough to sit on within minutes, this will give your upholstered furniture a brand new look and a new lease on life.

About Our Company

We offer you with our specialized cleaning services. Our experts at AYRA will provide you with:

  • Ayra Cleaning provides Premium carpet cleaning Melbourne with complete stain busters. Our Antibacterial will kill 99.9% germs. Deodorising will eliminate all kinds of smell from carpets/rugs or couches.
  • Pre spray and sanitation (with no extra charges included).
  • Cheapest price in Melbourne with 99.99% Guaranteed bond back.
  • Fresh look of the carpet.
  • Everything will be done with special care leaving no residue or damage.

How we Clean?

Step 1

Our experts will come and measure the carpet and will check the condition of the carpet.

Step 2

Our experts will apply a pre-spray which contains carpet cleaning chemicals.

Step 3

Spot any stains on the carpet and use our best stain busters to remove all stains from your carpet and rugs.

Step 4

 Steam cleaning is used for thorough cleaning, and sanitation is done to disinfect the carpet.

Step 5

Deodorising is used to remove the smell from the carpet. And Flea treatment is done to keep the carpet fresh and to it repellent from any bugs or fleas.


The basic price for GENERAL HOUSE CARPET CLEANING in Melbourne is 69$ for 3 rooms carpet. But, the prices of our company Ayra Cleaning Services mostly depends upon the size & condition of your carpet. Our prices will vary according to the size and condition of your carpet.

No Call Out Fee (T&C Applied) (T&C Applied)

Because we tailor a solution to your demands and reach an agreement on a price before we begin working, there are no unpleasant surprises. Fast call-outs are no longer subject to any additional costs. Ayra Cleaning offers professional carpet cleaning, top-notch cleaning services at an upfront, affordable price with no additional costs. Because keeping our clients pleased is our top priority, we go above and above to do so.

We don’t charge a call-out fee if the job is located within a 20-kilometer radius of the CBD. For services within a radius of 10 to 50 kilometres, we charge a call out fee of $25, so each additional kilometre costs $1. Our clients have direct assurance while contemplating our cleaning services since Ayra Cleaning Services has a safe and insured corporate policy. We offer our clients a 100% warranty against any type of possible damages (T&C Applied)

In Melbourne We Provide Premium Carpet Cleaning

Ayra Cleaning Services gives complete transparency, so that you always exactly know how much you’ll be actually spending front. You’ll discover that you can keep your home in order without exceeding your budget when you use our trusted, reasonable, and thoroughly screened house professional cleaners for carpet cleaning melbourne. Over time, cleaners in the Ayra Cleaning Services network would become familiar with your house, your preferences, and your needs. When you approach Ayra Cleaning Services to help you find cost-effective carpet cleaning Melbourne providers, they will adjust to meet your demands.

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